right cutting methodThe Chinese cleaver is a large and rather heavy knife. Learning to hold the Chinese properly is important. Another important item is the cutting board (wood is prefer), it must be sturdy and not wobbling when in used.
Once you learn how to hold the Chinese cleaver. Used your free hand to assist the cutting. See image, slicing a piece of fried boneless chicken. Place your Free hand on the food, curling your fingertips. Than rest the flat side of the blade alongside th first knuckles of your free hand. wrong cutting method(see top image in green circle)
After you slice the food, slide your free hand inwards and guide the blade (keep the blade vertical) For bigger slice of food, slide you free hand further back like 1/2 to 3/4 inches.
During slicing, cut the food with one stroke. Sharp cleaver comes in play.
Note: If you are new and just learning, please go slowly and concentrate on the work. Once you understand how it works and lots of practice, than you can go fast.
Caution: Never uncurl your free hand (see below image) “The idea is to slice the food, not yours fingers!”

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