Rice Gruel : Black Mushrooms & Shredded Pork

Mushrooms Rice Gruel

● 100  ml Rice
● 4 pcs  Black Mushrooms
● 120 g  Shredded Lean Pork
● some  Chinese Parsley
● 5 tbsp  Chicken Stock
● 1/2 tbsp  Salt   

● some  Pepper
● some  Pepper powder
● 1/4 tbsp  Sesame Oil   

1.Soak the clean rice for 30 minutes with approx. 300 ml of water
2.Add chicken stock then boil in low heat, stir gently until gruel
3.Soak black mushrooms, remove stalks and shred
4.Heat wok with oil, stir fry shredded mushrooms and pork until cooked
5.Add sauce, take out and pour into the gruel, stir well
6.Add chopped  Chinese parsley, serve

tbsp –  table spoon
Rice gruel can be made with any other meat such as beef, fish, scallop…..etc
If you don’t made this with any other material, you can use soy milk to replace chicken stock.

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