Soft-shell Crab Rolls

Soft-shell Crab Rolls

4   medium-sized soft-shell crabs
4 pcs   super-thin spring roll wrapper
little   organic lettuce, peppermint, basil & coriander(washed & strained)

4 tbsps   corn flour
1/2 tsp   table salt
1/2 tsp   black pepper, ground
1/2   egg yolk

Seasoning :
1/2 cup   fish sauce dip

1.Soak soft-shell crabs in water to defrost, strain and then put in a bowl.
2.Put in egg yolk, corn flour, table salt and black pepper sequentially and the toss.
3.Place crabs flat, coat with frying batter evenly, shake off excess coating and then set aside.
4. Deep-fry crabs in medium hot oil until hardened, and then strain excess oil.
5.Brush spring roll wrapper with water to soften, add in lettuce, peppermint and other herbs, put a deep-fried crab in the centre, roll up the wrapper to make a spring roll, then transfer onto a plate and serve it with dipping sauce.

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