Sliced Pork in Spicy Soup

Sliced Pork in Spicy Soup

150g tender pork loin (sliced)

50g Chinese cabbage (leaves, sliced)
30g egg broad bean paste
10g ginger (sliced)
10g onion-white (cut into section)
5g chili
5g Chinese pepper
10g soy sauce
8g cooking wine
5g MSG
10g salt
10g starch (pea)
3g ground pepper powder
50g vegetable oil

1. Mix egg white, starch, salt, MSG and cooking wine well into a paste, and put it on the pork slices;

2. Put 35g vegetable oil into the wok and heat up. Add pepper and chilli in, and fry them with slow fire until chilli becomes golden yellow;

3. Take out pepper and chilli and cut them into fine powder;

4. Stir-fry the bean paste with the oil, and then add in the ingredients of cabbage leaves, onion-white, ginger, gravy, soy sauce, ground pepper powder, cooking wine and MSG, stir them for a while and mix well;

5. Add pork slices in, and stew for some minutes. After cooked, dish up, sprinkle with chopped chilli and pepper.

6. Heat the rest oil, and drip on the pork slices, to fry the chilli, pepper and pork slices with hot oil again. Then, spicy-hot flavor and concentrated fragrance flow everywhere.

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