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Tangba Town’s Stir-fried Fish

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Tangba Town's Stir-fried Fish

Tangba Town’s Stir-fried Fish is a Sichuan specialty, generously spiced but not so hot as other Sichuan dishes. It originated from a Xian boy named Su whose

home town was Tangba of Chongqing. Being away from his home town, Su missed the strong flavor of Chongqing dishes. One day, he invited his friends for a meal and cooked some fish for them using the chili sauce he had brought from home. To his surprise, all his friends loved his fish. Later, Su opened a small restaurant in Xian and asked a chef from his hometown Tangba to teach him to cook fish. Su named the dish cooked by his master from Tangba ‘Tangba Fish’.

Ingredients for Tangba Town’s Stir-fried Fish:
1 grass carp, around 500 g
100 g konjac tofu (or hard bean curd)
20 g celery stems

Preparation for Tangba Town’s Stir-fried Fish:
A. Scrape the scales off the grass carp and remove the entrails. Wash it well and cut it into chunks.
B. Clean the konjac tofu (or hard bean curd). Cut into thick strips and place in a dish.
C. Clean the celery stems. Cut into sections and put in a dish.

Seasonings for Tangba Town’s Stir-fried Fish:
green onion sections
thinly sliced ginger
broad bean paste
cooking wine
soy sauce
dry cornstarch
chicken essence (chicken stock/bouillon) or monosodium glutamate
five spices powder
Note: the amount of the seasonings listed above can be appropriately used according to one’s personal taste.

Directions to cook Tangba Town’s Stir-fried Fish:
1.Pour the grass carp chunks into a small basin. Add the green onion sections, ginger slices, cooking wine, salt, five spices powder and soy sauce. Stir well with chopsticks, and leave to marinate for 10-15 minutes.
2.Sprinkle some dry cornstarch on the carp chunks, and stir well with chopsticks until the fish feels sticky. Place a wok over high heat. Add some cooking oil. Add in the fish pieces one by one with chopsticks. Turn heat to medium to stir-fry the carp chunks as soon as they turn golden. Turn off the heat and quickly remove the pieces from the wok, and place in a colander to drain the oil, and then transfer to a dish.
3.Leave some cooking oil in the wok, swirling to coat the sides. Add the broad bean paste and stir it for 30 seconds until you feel the spiciness.
4.Pour in the konjac tofu (or hard bean curd) straps and add half a bowl of water. Bring to boil and add the salt and chicken essence. Stir well and add the celery sections and fried grass carp chunks. Stir and boil it for 2-3 minutes.
Remove from heat and serve in a fine porcelain fish dish. Tangba Town’s Stir-fried Fish is ready for you to enjoy!

Drunken Crabs

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Drunken Crabs

Crabs are generally covered with a thick exoskeleton, and armed with a single pair of chelae (claws). Crabs are found in all of the world’s oceans, while many crabs live in

fresh water and on land, particularly in tropical regions. Crabs vary in size from the pea crab, a few millimetres wide.

Ingredients for Drunken Crabs:
10 live crabs about 1,500 grams (3.3 lb)
500 grams (1 cup) strong liquor
500 grams (1 cup) cooking wine
25 grams (4 tsp) salt
2 1/2 grams (1/12 oz) Chinese prickly ash
25 grams (5/6 oz) deied orange peel
10 grams (2 tsp) sugar
50 grams (1 2/3 oz) sliced ginger

Directions to cook Drunken Crabs:
1. Wash the crabs clean, drain off the water and put in a container with a small opening.
2 Let the salt and sugar dissolve in the liquor and wine and then pour the mixture into the container (to fully submerge the crabs). Add the Chinese prickly seal. It will be ready to serve a week later. On hot days, it can be served 3 days later.

Features:Strongly aromatic from the liquor and wine.

Chinese Wonton

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The wrapper of the wonton is thin and tastes soft and smooth, the filling is rather fresh, and the soup is clear and tasty.

Originating in northern China, wonton is a

traditional food in China. In ancient times, Chinese people regarded it as a kind of sealed meat bun without any opening and named it ‘Hun Dun’ (chaos). At that time, a wonton is the same as a dumpling. Since then, the dumpling hasn’t been changed too much, but the wonton has been developed a lot in southern China, having its own style.

Ingredients for Chinese Wonton:
chopped lean pork, 150 g
wrappers (made of flour), 150 g
dried small shrimps
chicken essence (bouillon/stock) or monosodium glutamate
cooking wine
sesame oil
chopped ginger
chopped green onion
Note: the amount of the ingredients especially the seasonings listed above can be appropriately used according to one’s personal taste.

Directions to cook Chinese Wonton:
1.Place the chopped lean pork into a bowl. Add in some cooking wine, chopped ginger, chopped green onion, salt and chicken essence. Stir it well with chopsticks or a teaspoon.
2.Take one piece of wrapper, and smooth it in one hand. Pick some of the fillings, and put at the corner of the wrapper (the filling should be less than that of the dumplings). Roll it up and pinch the two sides together. The result is a hat-like wonton.
3.Place a wok over high heat. Add in half a wok of water. Add the wontons one by one till the water is boiling. Add in 1/4 table spoon of water when it boils. Repeat this twice. Turn off the heat. Scoop out 1 tablespoon of soup and pour in to a soup bowl. Pick out the boiled wontons with a table spoon or a colander and add to the bowl.
4.Add in salt, chicken essence, chopped green onion, sesame oil and dried small shrimps. Stir slowly and thoroughly with the teaspoon.

Hot and Sour Soup

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Hot and Sour Soup

Hot and Sour Soup is mainly made of pork shreds, sausage, egg, mushroom, and dried bean curd sheet. It is usually eaten after the meal, helping to sober one up,

getting rid of the grease and aiding digestion. It is also a good choice when you lose your appetite.

Ingredients for Hot and Sour Soup:
1/4 piece of dried bean curd sheet or 50 g beancurd (tofu)
3-4 fresh mushrooms
50 g lean pork
50 g chicken breast
20 g sausage
1 egg

Seasonings for Hot and Sour Soup:
chopped green onion
pepper powder
cooking wine
sesame oil
soy sauce
chicken essence (chicken stock/bouillon)
wet cornstarch (the proportion of cornstarch and water is ususally 1:2)
Note: the amount of the seasonings listed above can be appropriately used according to one’s personal taste.

Directions to cook Hot and Sour Soup:
1. Fill the wok with three bowls of water. Turn on the heat. Add the lean pork when the water is boiling and add in the cooking wine to get rid of the fishy smell. Boil it for 10-15 minutes until it is 80% cooked. Turn off the heat and remove it from the wok, through a colander and place on to a plate. Repeat to process the chicken breast.
2. Wash and clean the mushroom, sausage and dried bean curd sheet, cut them into shreds, and place on to separate plates. Cut the boiled lean pork and chicken breast into shreds, and place on to separate plates, too. Crack the egg into a bowl or a small basin and beat it.
3. Pour the water out of the wok, and Add in the dried bean curd sheet, mushroom, sausage, lean pork and chicken breast shreds, and add in 3/4 bowl of water until all of the ingredients are immersed. Turn on the heat.
4. Prepare a soup bowl by putting in it the pepper powder, vinegar, and chopped green onion. When the liquid in the wok is boiling, change to low heat and stew it for 2-3 minutes. Turn to high heat again, add in the salt, soy sauce, wet cornstarch, chicken essence and egg soup. Once the egg soup resembles a yellowish flower floating about the water, turn off the heat. Spoon them out of the wok and pour into the prepared soup bowl. Add in the sesame oil, finally.

Braised mutton with soy sauce

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Braised mutton with soy sauce

Braised mutton with soy sauce is an easy to cook chinese food, popular in northen china. It Looks very tempting with its colors of white meat and brownish soy sauce. Taste Salty and delicious.

Ingredients for Braised mutton with soy sauce:
500 grams (1.1 lb) boneless mutton leg
10 grams (1 1/2 tsp) soy sauce
10 grams (2 tsp) cooking wine
10 grams (1/3 oz) sectioned scallions
10 grams (1/3 oz) ginger cut into chunks

Directions to cook Braised mutton with soy sauce:
1. Wash the meat clean and boil it in a pot. Take it out after the water boils to wash it clean. Skim off the foam in the pot and put the meat back in it. Add the scallions, ginger and cooking wine. Cover the pot and bring to a boil. Turn to low fire to simmer for about 2 hours.
2. Take the meat out. Get rid of the scallions and ginger. When the meat is cool, cut it into slices and sprinkle on the soy sauce to serve.

Beef Potato Soup

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Beef Potato Soup

Ingredients for Beef Potato Soup:
300 grams (2/3 lb) potatoes
150 grams (1/3 lb) fore shank of beef
5 grams (1/6 oz) sliced ginger

5 grams (1/6 oz) sectioned scallions
5 grams (5/6 tsp) salt
2 grams (1/2 tsp) MSG
1 gram (1/2 tsp) pepper powder
15 grams (3 tsp) cooking wine

Directions to cook Beef Potato Soup:
1. Quick-boil the beef. Change the water and boil again for about 2 hours. Take the meat out and cut into square of about 3 cm (slightly under 1 inch) on each side. Peel the potatoes and cut them into squares of about 2 cm (half inch) on each side.
2. Put the beef in the pot along with 750 grams (1.5 cups) of water. Add the scallions, ginger, cooking wine, and salt, and when it boils, add the potatoes. Turn the fire to low and heat for 1 hour, until the beef and potatoes are soft. Add MSG, sprinkle pepper powder. Dish up and this Potato and Beef Soup is ready to serve.
This Potato and Beef Soup may be served in smaller portions as a side dish, or it may be served as a main course.

Cola Chicken Wings

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Cola Chicken Wings

Chicken wings, Coca Cola (or Pepsi Cola, as you wish)
Soy sauce, cooking wine, sugar
Ginger, anise (to taste)
A little MSG or salt (to taste)

1. Put chicken wings in a bowl together with cooking wine and a little salt, and leave them for 15-20 minutes (or longer).
2. Put a little oil in the wok and cook ginger and anise with heated oil. Put chicken wings into the wok, too.
3. Turn down the fire, add cola (generally one can), sugar and soy sauce, and cook for 10 minutes. And then turn on the fire, add more cola. Wait until the sauce is thickened.

1. You need not put anise, ginger, sugar and even the salt if you do not like the taste. Only the coal and chicken wings are necessary. Surely you can also add onion or coriander according to your own taste.
2. Diet coke is not recommended, for it will become bitter after being heated owing to the sweetener.
The simplest cooking method is to boil chicken wings together with cola and soy sauce, with a proportion of 3 to 1, for 20 minutes.

Sliced Pork in Spicy Soup

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Sliced Pork in Spicy Soup

150g tender pork loin (sliced)

50g Chinese cabbage (leaves, sliced)
30g egg broad bean paste
10g ginger (sliced)
10g onion-white (cut into section)
5g chili
5g Chinese pepper
10g soy sauce
8g cooking wine
5g MSG
10g salt
10g starch (pea)
3g ground pepper powder
50g vegetable oil

1. Mix egg white, starch, salt, MSG and cooking wine well into a paste, and put it on the pork slices;

2. Put 35g vegetable oil into the wok and heat up. Add pepper and chilli in, and fry them with slow fire until chilli becomes golden yellow;

3. Take out pepper and chilli and cut them into fine powder;

4. Stir-fry the bean paste with the oil, and then add in the ingredients of cabbage leaves, onion-white, ginger, gravy, soy sauce, ground pepper powder, cooking wine and MSG, stir them for a while and mix well;

5. Add pork slices in, and stew for some minutes. After cooked, dish up, sprinkle with chopped chilli and pepper.

6. Heat the rest oil, and drip on the pork slices, to fry the chilli, pepper and pork slices with hot oil again. Then, spicy-hot flavor and concentrated fragrance flow everywhere.

Sweet and Sour Fish

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Sweet and Sour Fish

● 1 freshwater fish (preferably mandarin fish) of about 750 grams (1.65 lb)
● 30 grams (1 1/15 oz) shrimps
● 20 grams (2/3 oz) diced bamboo shoots

● 20 grams (2/3 oz) diced mushrooms (originally dried mushrooms that have been soaked in water)
● 15 grams (1/2 oz) green peas
● 20 grams (4 tsp) cooking wine
● 150 grams (11 tbsp) sugar
● 100 grams (6 tbsp) vinegar
● 100 grams (5 1/2 tbsp) tomato sauce
● 500 grams (1.1 lb) dry cornstarch (only about 100 g or 0.22 lb to be used)
● 100 grams (6 tbsp) water
● 35 grams (2 tbsp) mixture of cornstarch and water
● 10 grams (2 tsp) sesame oil
● 1,000 grams (4 cups) oil (200 g or 4/5 cup to be consumed)

1. Clean the fish, cut off the head near the belly fin, but do not throw it away. Cut open the fish along its back until the cut reaches its tail. (Do not cut off the tail.) Cut out the backbone and remove the side bones (ribs). Make several cuts with 1 cm spaces in between, first vertically and then horizontally on the inner side of the fish to create a diamond-shaped pattern. (Do not cut open the skin.) Marinate the fish with 10 g (2 tsp) of cooking wine and 5 g (5/6 tsp) of salt for 5 minutes. Dust the dry cornstarch on the fish body and head. Hold the fish tail to shake off unnecessary cornstarch.
2. Heat the oil until it is about 200-220oC (390-430oF). Roll the fish to keep the skin inside. Hold the fish tail with one hand and the top end of the fish body with chopsticks and gradually release it into the oil. Now place the head into the oil also. When both are done, take them out and place them on a plate, putting the head and the body together to create the concept of a whole fish.
3. Mix the tomato sauce, water, sugar, 10 g (2 tsp) of cooking wine and 2 g (1/3 tsp) of salt into a sauce.
4. Keep 20 g (1 1/2 tbsp) of oil in the wok. Put in the shrimps, diced bamboo shoots, mushrooms and green peas and stir-fry. Add in the mixed sauce. When the sauce is boiling, put in the cornstarch-water mixture to thicken it. Sprinkle some sesame oil and pour the sauce right onto the fish.