Do you know Chinese food and Chinese cuisine?

chinese foodChinese food and Chinese food culture known as the Chinese cuisine or Chinese food in Japan and South Korea, also known as the Tang meal in Europe and the United States.It is an integral part of Chinese culture ,and it also have profound impact of the food culture in East Asian. The recipes from various regions of China and ethnic dishes.

Chinese cuisine features are summarized as follows: color, smell, taste, Italian, shape. Known as the national dish of five items. The characteristics of cooking can be divided into: the election material, a knife, steak and seasoning four aspects.

Chinese food cooking methods are many, there is cold, fried, steamed, boiled, fried, deep-fried, braised, baked, stewed, Chinese dishesbaked, burnt, boiled, halogen, roasted, sauce, smoked and dozens of kinds, each of them also can be divided into a lot of Class.On the other hand, furnace is also very particular when we cooking. For example, the most simple steamed pork ribs,if you steamed long time, and the meat on the old, and if the time is short, and is not cooked.

Chinese food products, which are processed into small pieces the size of eatting, unlike the Western, when a second cut in the consumption. Chinese food is very particular about on the knife, a knife is mainly a tool for dealing with knives and cutting boards can be cut into pieces of raw materials, silk, strip, block, Ding, grain, rice, etc. Velvet shape, and called for its size, thickness, thickness uniformity. Some raw materials will be painted in vivid beautiful patterns after the chef”s knife.

Chinese cuisineTraditional Chinese food are also have many spices, condiments difference is the most important reason to . engender many local dish.The spices commonly used products include: soy sauce, chilli, pepper,  MSG, raw powder, vinegar, sugar, wine, ginger, garlic, sesame oil, no less than dozens. 

Reference to Chinese food, we have to talk about Chinese chopsticks. China to use chopsticks, in the history of human civilization is the one to be proud of, and had gained a scientific inventions. Lee is an excellent demonstration of ethnic Chinese, said: “The Chinese people as early as the Spring and Autumn era invented the chopsticks. The two things that such a simple but ingenious peerless application of the physics of leverage. Chopsticks are the extension of the fingers can do, it can do, and are not afraid of high fever, are not afraid of frost is really extremely smart.

Chinese Dim SumDo you want to learn a variety methods of Chinese food cooking? It is very convenient to buy raw materials and production of Chinese food seasoning in the supermarket, and about the Chinese food recipes you can easily get from when you cooking. Friends move starting hands Come on, hand-made Chinese cuisine.To taste Sweet and Sour Pork, Kung Pao Chicken or Mar-Boh Tofu or was sustained by a plate of steaming Chow Mein or Chinese Dim has a massive selection of free, easy-to-cook and delicious Chinese recipes and Oriental recipes. Helpful sections such as Ingredients and Cooking tips are available to make your cooking experience easy and fun. Happy cooking!

Bangu(32-92 A.D.)said:”Bread is the staff of life.”

Confucius (551-479 B.C.) said:”No food is too refined cuisine is too delicate.

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