Chinese Cleaver How To HoldLearning to hold a Chinese cleaver is the most important. Hold it right will do the job easily and safely. Note: The cleaver is Not a toy!, if you are not confident Don’t used it.
How to hold a cleaver, you need a Chinese cleaver and a cutting board. Hold the cleaver with your writing hand.(see image) With a firm hold try chopping the cutting board a few times to feel the cutting strength.
A cleaver is a large and heavy knive, if you are used to handeling smaller knives you will feel the difference and the power, because of it weight. Make sure the cleaver is sharp.
Now try cutting a carrot with one stroke. Use a firm downward slightly forward motion. Best way to learn is to try cutting vegetables. Do not wiggle you blade while cutting.

Here are many ways to learn different cutting method, roll cut, wedge cut, julienne, sick cut and correct cutting method.

Note: A sharp knive is a safe knive.

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