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10Fish is the most ancient vertebrate. They are almost all inhabit the Earth inaquatic environments — from freshwater lakes and rivers to the salt water of the sea and oceans.A result of nutrient-rich fish, eat flavored, on the human body has a strong health care function, so it is generally love to eat fish. However, the wide variety of fish, different fish have different health care functions, and not everyone clearly. Introduced here for you.

Crucian carp, Lee water swelling, heat detoxification and other functions, Ascites in patients with a total of soup with fresh carp and bean take curative.andCarp oil benefit cardiovascular function, can reduce blood viscosity and promoting blood circulation.

Carp, spleen appetizer, diuretic reduces swelling, relieving cough and asthma, heat-clearing and detoxifying functions. Cooking fishCarp and melon, and shallot soup taking, cure nephritis edema. Large carp scales to remain sub-intestinal hybrid simmer cooked serving of, cure jaundice. Carp and a little Chuanbei can taking cough asthma.

Silver carp are warm in the trachea, keeping warm stomach, Run-skin and other functions, is the temperature in the air supplement health food.

Herring have keeping warm stomach.Its zinc selenium and other trace elements will help against cancer.

Blackfish have Spleen benefits of water, and kidney functions. Blackfish cooking with ginger red dates to treatment of tuberculosis has a supplementary role. Blackfish stew served with brown sugar and curable nephritis. There  kidney, supplement  blood, and other functions. It is women’s health food, there is nourishing, eyesight and other functions.

fish ballHairtail have Nuanwei, tonic,  let the skin look more bright, expelling wind, pesticides, make up the five internal organs and other functions, can be used as persistent hepatitis, chronic hepatitis adjuvant therapy. Hepatitis patients with a fresh steamed octopus eat after taking the upper oil, they can improve symptoms if you keep eating for long time.

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