Crispy Bean Curds in Stewing Sauce

Crispy Bean Curds in Stewing Sauce

Ingredients :
1pc   bean curd
little   stewing soy sauce
little   shredded dried bonito 

Seasoning :
225g   seafood sauce

20g   rock sugar
8   bay laurel(finely chopped)
6   tsaoko amomum fruit
4   star anise
75g   five-spice meat sauce
600g   broth
20g   chicken broth


1.Cook all seasoning ingredients together, except tsaoko amomum fruit and bay laurel. Blend in tsaoko fruit dices and bay laurel.
2. Steam bean curd in a steamer on high heat for 5 minutes, remove from steamer, and set cool.
3.Heat oil until boiling; put bean curd into a sieve, and then deep-fry in boiling oil until pale golden.
4.Soak bean curd in seasoning sauce for 30 minutes. Remove, drain out excess oil and then slice up.
5. Pour a little stewing soy sauce over and garnish with the shredded dried bonito. Ready to serve.

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